The optoPlate-96 is a device for performing high-throughput optogenetic (light-activatible) experiments, as described in (Bugaj, 2018).   The optoPlate-96 features the following:

  • 96 illumination positions
  • up to 3 colors per condition
  • independent control of each color/position
  • Arduino control
  • 96- or 384-well illumination
  • 3D-printed microwell plate adapter and lid
  • complete optical insulation in each well
  • incubator compatibility
  • active cooling
  • no data cables
  • DIY assembly, QC in 3-4 hours



The optoPlate-96 is assembled manually.  Once all necessary components have been ordered/3D printed/laser cut, a fully functional optoPlate can be assembled and tested in 3-4 hours. The parts list, design files for PCB printing, 3D-printing, and laser/jet cutting are all provided below, followed by a step by-step assembly protocol and a template.  To visualize the finished product, explore the interactive 3D models to see how the components and assembly each look.


Parts list

Circuit board design


Laser cutting

Waterjet cutting

Assembly protocol