We are honored to receive our first competitive funding awards, one from the W.W. Smith Charitable Foundation, and one from the UPenn ACC-SEAS Discovery Science program (collaboration with Donita Brady).

The lab welcomes Will Benman as a rotation student. Welcome Will!

David Gonzalez-Martinez joins the lab as a research technician.  Welcome David!

Lukasz's postdoctoral work is published in Science, with an accompanying perspective and news release. The work shows that cancer mutations may not simply be ON-switches for growth signaling, but can change how cells perceive their environment. An excellent collaborative effort and a great springboard for our new lab!

Shannon Laub and Thomas Mumford join the lab as our intrepid first graduate students.  Welcome Shannon and Tom!

The Bugaj Lab begins in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Come say hello!

We have several open positions and are actively recruiting. Please see details here.